Medicare is a confusing topic for most, and especially confusing when you are turning 65, getting ready to enter the Medicare system and being bombarded by pushy sales people!   Take the time to get educated on all of your options before choosing your Medicare Insurance.

When you go on Medicare, your health insurance becomes government regulated.  Most retired individuals go on Medicare when they turn 65.   Once you are enrolled in Part A (hospital) and Part B (medical) you are eligible to obtain a Medicare Supplement also referred to as Medigap Coverage.   When on Medicare alone, the government pays 80% of your medical expenses and you are responsible for the remaining 20%.   In the event of a catastrophic health event that 20% has no limits!   Everyone wants to protect themselves from devastating health costs.

Daniel Insurance represents many Insurance Carriers to protect you from these potential catastrophic medical expenses.  Every individual has different needs and circumstances.   Schedule an appointment with Elise to learn more about what your options are and the most affordable protection for your situation.

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