As we navigate our way through the pandemic I will be continuing to hold meetings virtually for the safety of my clients and my family.
Zoom online meetings and/or a simple screen share while on the phone have been productive and beneficial for all of my clients. 
Don’t worry, I keep it simple for you!
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Daniel Insurance, LLC
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Mission Statement

We are passionate about assisting people in putting together the puzzle pieces of their financial well-being.  We strive to serve people to the best of our ability with integrity, compassion, and a commitment to education and developing resources to support this effort.  Our goal is to take the confusion out of insurance choices and to educate and navigate people through the system to the most cost-effective healthcare options for each individual and family.

Elise Ann Daniel, AFC®

Elise was born and raised in Ohio and is a proud Buckeye and graduate of The Ohio State University where she received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Animal Science.  Elise went on after school to pursue a career in the equine world and worked in many capacities.  She culminated this pursuit by owning and operating a successful equine sales business in Northern Virginia for nearly 15 years.

Elise gained some corporate experience working for an investment banking firm that was headquartered in Tampa, Florida handling the marketing and PR for that firm for three years.

She then went on to work for Discovery Communications where she did marketing work for both The Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel.

Elise moved to Idaho in 2005 where she opened and operated a franchise business initially.  Elise then started Daniel Insurance, LLC in January, 2010.  After realizing that many people in the industry here didn’t have the depth of knowledge to do a thorough job assisting people with their insurance needs, Elise got inspired and went back to school to pursue her Masters Degree.  In May, 2016 Elise proudly received her diploma for the degree of Master of Family and Consumer Sciences with a major in Family Financial Planning.

Elise then became and Accredited Financial Counselor ® in 2016 and continues to harbor a desire for continuing education and expanding knowledge that can help friends, family and clients in their financial planning processes including financial counseling and insurance solutions where appropriate. Helping individuals and couples navigate the change into retirement is a specialty and a passion for Elise.  Having the correct insuranc in place and creating dependable, lifetime income gives people great peace of mind during retirement years.

Medicare 101 Seminars

Co-Sponsored by Regence Blue Shield of Idaho.

Elise will be presenting monthly Educational Seminars for people aging into Medicare and/or planning their retirement. Open to anyone wanting to understand our Medicare system and the options for Medicare Insurance.

Please contact Daniel Insurance, LLC to find out the next available Medicare 101 Seminar near you.


Exchange certified in Idaho to assist individual and small group consumers find affordable healthcare options. Medicare certified with all Idaho Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement plans, we simplify the process of finding the right Medicare plan for each individual.


Regardless of need, life insurance can be for income replacement in the event of an untimely death, retirement planning for additional tax-free income, estate planning or leaving a legacy, Elise can help you identify the best life insurance products to fit your needs.

Retirement Annuities

Guaranteed income for life is a great peace-of-mind factor in retirement, and something that annuities can offer you.  One of the many advantages annuities offer is that they allow you to sock away a larger amount of cash and defer paying taxes. Building your own guaranteed pension plan is a great move toward a fulfilling retirement.

Financial Counseling

Elise Daniel is an Accredited Financial Counselor ® who works to empower individuals and couples to achieve lasting financial well-being through the highest standards of financial counseling, coaching, and education regardless of income or background.

Services Offered

Daniel Insurance, LLC offers many services which assist individuals, couples, and families to protect and preserve their assets. We use a wholistic and creative approach to help you meet and exceed your goals and dreams.