Daniel Insurance and the Idaho Community

Part of the significance of being a local business is the ability to truly interact with the members of the community every day on the job. Over the past few years in particular, Daniel Insurance has involved our client family in deciding on a local charity or nonprofit organization to donate to each year. This takes place through a survey where clients can choose or suggest a potential candidate organization. After we contact the organization, we are usually able to visit in person and provide even more information to our client community afterward, encouraging further involvement.

At the beginning of February, we concluded our fourth annual donation survey, involving our client family in our decision of which local organization to donate to. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have been delayed in sharing the results with you, but rest assured that the donation has gone out. You are likely familiar with this process by now, and we wanted to thank those who voted and participated in the donation decision process. We had well over 100 votes, and since all five charities were nominated by clients, we have decided to give to all of the organizations!

With that said, the largest donation will be going to LEAP Housing. As a refresher, this organization is a Boise nonprofit with the mission of developing and preserving affordable housing along with other empowering services to help create greater housing stability. Its projects include temporary housing, home buying resources, teams researching housing solutions, the direct development of affordable housing, and more. What stands out about this organization is its focus on the greater community–in addition to those in immediate need–which we think is why it resonated with such a large number of you. We always encourage you to personally donate to any of the organizations that struck home with you as well.

Elise had the opportunity to visit the staff at LEAP Housing this week and was delighted to hear that the donation will be put toward the Down Payment Assistance (DPA) Campaign to help keep mortgages affordable for low-income home buyers.

Thank you again for your interest, and we hope to see you again for next year’s donation!

At the end of 2022, we continued our tradition of surveying our clients for input on which local organization we should donate to for the year. We appreciate those who took the time to recommend future organizations as well as all who voted! There is no pressure to vote, but it excites us to be able to reflect the values of our clients back into the community.


Votes were split surprisingly evenly among the five charities we listed, but the Idaho Humane Society managed to pull clearly ahead. While the Idaho Humane Society is well-known by name, the scope of their activities and goals is wider than some may expect. Elise had the opportunity to visit the Idaho Humane Society’s new facility when she dropped off our donation. Leah took her valuable time to show Elise around and explain some of their newest accomplishments.

Most dogs are adopted within 48 hours of being at the facility, and the new facility has a vet clinic open to the general public. This clinic also offers affordable spay and neuter programs. The old clinic and shelter are still in use, particularly for caring for injured animals. Unlike some other animal shelters, the Idaho Humane Society is able to perform surgeries and treatments on injured animals to rehabilitate them before finding them a home. The new facility also has a community educational space, which allows the organization to create more change in the way animals are treated in the community.

Leah provided the following statement: “The Idaho Humane Society is the oldest and largest animal welfare nonprofit in the State. We seek to create a world where all companion animals are free from cruelty and neglect, are healthy, and are in loving homes. We are grateful for compassionate donors like Daniel Insurance. Because of your support, we can perform our vital work.” Leah also emphasized that The Idaho Humane Society does not receive funding from the national Humane Society. In other words, donations must be made directly to the Idaho Humane Society to make a difference locally.

For the second time, we asked our clients to give us feedback on which organization we should donate to as a business. We were impressed by how many of you took interest, and we wanted to share that the community organization you chose was Life’s Kitchen

After making our donation, we had the great experience of visiting Life’s Kitchen as well as eating in the attached Rory’s Cafe.

Life’s Kitchen was founded by Rory Farrow in 2003 with the goal of providing opportunity youth with work and life skills. Today, the organization continues to provide its trainees with the skills necessary to become successful in life.

This training includes kitchen skills, of course, but Life’s Kitchen also does more. The 16-week program includes training in advanced culinary skills, leadership skills, and overall life skills like understanding money, taxes, how to get a job, and more. Assistance is also provided to help trainees complete their GEDs if they haven’t already. At the end of the program, trainees are helped to transition back into the community through job and internship placements. They are also offered continued support after they complete the program.

Life’s Kitchen’s three businesses help provide funding for the program, with one of these businesses being Rory’s Cafe. Trainees have the opportunity to work at the Cafe, work on catering orders, and even help provide charitable meals for the community.

We enjoyed our meal at Rory’s Cafe, and we encourage those reading to visit the cafe, place a catering order, or utilize the banquet room services in the future. You are also encouraged to donate to the program yourself if possible! More information about Life’s Kitchen as well as a place to donate can be found at lifeskitchen.org. 

Thank you again to Tammy and Richard at Life’s Kitchen for organizing a picture and telling us more about the program!

Notes from Elise: Following the conclusion of the survey we sent requesting feedback on organizations we should support this year, I was excited to be able to deliver the checks this week. Giving back to the community both monetarily and through volunteering has always been something important to me, and doing so is becoming even more important as many already struggling communities and individuals continue to be put under pressure during the current pandemic. As an independent insurance broker, part of my job is in creating relationships with all of my clients, so it was meaningful to be able to include their opinions in this decision.

Two organizations tied for the most votes: Interfaith Sanctuary and the Ronald McDonald House.

The Ronald McDonald House in Boise is an organization that provides housing for families of sick children in the times they need it most. Families are able to stay near their children as they receive treatment in Boise. Familial support is something unquestionably necessary as children overcome illness. Click here to visit the Ronald McDonald House website to learn more or find ways to support them.

Interfaith Sanctuary is another local organization that serves the homeless population in Boise and helps people transition out of homelessness. They offer emergency shelter and meals and help connect individuals with other community services to help them. They have been particularly stressed due to COVID-19. I had the great opportunity to meet with Jodi Stigers, the executive director of the program, who is also pictured above with me. Click here to visit the Interfaith Sanctuary website and find ways to support them. 

I was honored to be able to give back to the community in a meaningful way, and I hope to make this an annual tradition. I will continue to keep my clients’ best interests at heart and survey again next year for more organizations to give back to. I encourage all of you to support the Ronald McDonald House and Interfaith Sanctuary yourselves and continue to look for other organizations to support, especially during the current health crisis. 

Miniature therapy horse a favorite at Boise senior living community

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Buster Brown is not your average horse. Besides being just three feet tall, he also provides a valuable service as a therapy horse. He has become a favorite visitor at The Terraces of Boise senior living community.

Maggie O’Mara
May 28, 2017

BOISE – A miniature horse has won the hearts of residents at a Boise senior living community, thanks to his special healing power.

When “Buster Brown” visits The Terraces of Boise, smiles abound. At just 36 inches tall with a wild mop of hair on his head, Buster is not your typical horse.

“He can be a little bit of a wild man at home sometimes and when he comes here he just chills and is just so happy to visit with the seniors,” said Elise Daniel, Buster’s owner.

The residents of the community can’t get enough of Buster.

“When Buster comes, he just brightens everybody’s day,” said Debbi Evans, The Terraces’ lifestyle director.

Resident Elaine Baker was excited to meet the special visitor.

“This is the first horse I’ve seen wandering the halls,” she said. “There are some dogs that are almost as big as Buster Brown.”

Elise has owned Buster for 17 years.

“I work with seniors and this is my way of giving back to the senior community, is bringing Buster to visit,” she said. “It’s one of the most wonderful things I do with my time.”

Buster seems to like it too.

“Therapy is really his only job and he really really loves it,” Elise said.

While Buster gets lots of love during his visits to The Terraces, the benefit is mutual.

“Being able to pet an animal is actually proven to lower blood pressure and relax people and make people calmer,” Elise said.
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Elise has supported other local organizations, including: 

  • Create common Good.org

  • Boise Police Officers – Boise Police Association – Shop with a Cop

  • Idaho Youth Ranch

  • Boise State Public Radio

  • Faces of Hope

  • The Arc

  • Mission 43