Community & Giving Back

Being a small business in Boise, Idaho has distinct benefits.  Our business is a people business and building relationships is what Daniel Insurance, LLC is all about.  We like to support local charities in addition to visiting Senior Centers with Buster Brown from Outa Town.

We are honored to support the following local charities:

Interfaith Sanctuary

Create common

Boise Police Officers – Boise Police Association – Shop with a Cop

Idaho Youth Ranch

Ronald McDonald House Boise (Regence matches donations)

Boise State Public Radio

Supporting the local community is important to us and to many of our clients as well.

Miniature therapy horse a favorite at Boise senior living community

Buster Brown is not your average horse. Besides being just three feet tall, he also provides a valuable service as a therapy horse. He has become a favorite visitor at The Terraces of Boise senior living community.

Maggie O’Mara
May 28, 2017

BOISE – A miniature horse has won the hearts of residents at a Boise senior living community, thanks to his special healing power.

When “Buster Brown” visits The Terraces of Boise, smiles abound. At just 36 inches tall with a wild mop of hair on his head, Buster is not your typical horse.

“He can be a little bit of a wild man at home sometimes and when he comes here he just chills and is just so happy to visit with the seniors,” said Elise Daniel, Buster’s owner.

The residents of the community can’t get enough of Buster.

“When Buster comes, he just brightens everybody’s day,” said Debbi Evans, The Terraces’ lifestyle director.

Resident Elaine Baker was excited to meet the special visitor.

“This is the first horse I’ve seen wandering the halls,” she said. “There are some dogs that are almost as big as Buster Brown.”

Elise has owned Buster for 17 years.

“I work with seniors and this is my way of giving back to the senior community, is bringing Buster to visit,” she said. “It’s one of the most wonderful things I do with my time.”

Buster seems to like it too.

“Therapy is really his only job and he really really loves it,” Elise said.

While Buster gets lots of love during his visits to The Terraces, the benefit is mutual.

“Being able to pet an animal is actually proven to lower blood pressure and relax people and make people calmer,” Elise said.
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What fun.

How fun!!


Buster really wanted to play bingo!

A great conversation with Buster

Buster Brown spreads the love!

A pleasant surprise visit!!!

Buster Brown spreading the love!!

Buster brings Good Memories at Diamond View.

Buster bringing Joy to the residents of Diamond View.