Are you tired of hearing about the pandemic? Unfortunately, the pandemic is not going anywhere quite yet, and it is continuing to vastly change our daily and long-term lives–especially in the context of healthcare. You have likely heard about preventive care, or medical care received to prevent disease and illness. This type of care is critical to maintaining your health. It includes things like vaccines, medical examinations, and medical counseling. 

The pandemic has left some people uncertain about whether they should be using the medical system in the same way they always have; some may be concerned that they are putting more pressure on the system or even that they are at a high risk of contracting the virus in a hospital or doctor’s office. Unfortunately, this has led to a decrease in important preventive care, and, with the novel coronavirus on the front of everyone’s mind, other dangers–such as chronic disease, medication management, and preventive care –may be taking a backseat.

Statistics are also starting to express this worrying trend. In Alaska, for example, the number of flu vaccinations administered in April this year compared to last had dropped over 50 percent. With many systems such as schools attempting to reopen, it can be seen that easily preventable illnesses may also pose a greater threat than usual in addition to the novel coronavirus. What some may not realize is that preventive care actually helps take stress off of the medical system due to fewer emergency room visits. We recommend that you continue your usual preventive care to maintain your own health and the health of those around you. This includes the treatment of ongoing conditions and medication management. The pandemic will eventually pass, but you must live with the health decisions you make now for the rest of your life. 

(Source for Alaska statistic, How Preventive Care Lowers Health Care Costs)