I have received many calls in the past 6 weeks about aggressive insurance agents trying to schedule appointments with my clients.  In most cases, what these agents are doing is actually against the law and violates CMS codes related to marketing.  I highly encourage you to file a complaint with the Idaho Department of Insurance either via fax, mail or the easy online form.  The only way for us to eradicate this bad behavior is to make it known and speak up!  If you are receiving unwelcome contacts or scam calls trying to get your personal information do not hesitate to contact me for possible assistance in getting this stopped.

The latest scams are after a few pieces of highly important information, including:

These are the standard pieces of information that the SSA and any other financial institution use to verify that you are who you say you are.

Under no circumstances should you give any of this information out — over the phone, via email, or on a website — before first validating that the person you’re speaking with is legitimate. 

Stay safe and always double check before you talk to anyone contacting you without your request to do so.