Hang up on Medicare scams!

I had a client call me today to touch base and see if a call he had received was really from his Medicare plan or if it was a scam.  Based on our conversation it was definitely a scam! The caller kept requesting more information from him and luckily he realized it was a scam and did not give them anything.  In this case, they were claiming it had to do with his coverage but there are some new scams out there to be aware of.

The most popular current scam relates to the new Medicare cards being sent out.   Scam artists may try to steal your personal information by calling you and asking for your current Medicare Number to get your new Medicare card. They also may insist that you need to pay a fee to get your new card and this IS NOT TRUE.

Medicare will never call uninvited and ask you to give personal information or money to get your new Medicare Number or card. HANG UP  if you get a suspicious call like this.