We are fast approaching that time of year again where insurance plans change and it is important to ensure that you are on the best plan for your health and financial needs.  Premiums change, plan designs change, and some networks change as well.  Medicare beneficiaries have the annual enrollment period of October 15 – December 7th to make changes for 2018.  Individual beneficiaries have November 1st – December 15th to make changes for 2018.  While some of the classes are already underway to learn of all of the changes and plan options, October 1st is when we are fully trained and available to discuss options with clients.  Remember that if you have a Medicare Supplement Plan (“F”, “G”, or “N”) your coverage never changes though your premium does increase year over year.  For Medicare Advantage Plans as well as Prescription Drug Coverage with Medicare, please pay attention to your Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) which you will receive by October 1st.

Elise will be available on the phone and in person to discuss options and assist in making selections for 2018 coverage.  Call (208)590-2606 if you want to schedule a review of options.