The new year is off to a great start here at Daniel Insurance.   Following an extremely busy annual enrollment period for Medicare in the last quarter of 2011 and a new hip in December, I am off to a very busy start in 2012.   Two concerns that many of my clients have seem to be taking up most of my time this past few weeks.

The first is risk management planning which includes buying adequate life insurance to ensure the well being of family and businesses in the event of an untimely death.  Life insurance is a very affordable way to transfer this risk to an insurance company and give your family and/or business added security.

The second is disability and the real threat that a long-term disability can pose to a family and/or small business.  A comprehensive disability insurance policy is a very affordable way to prevent placing an ongoing financial burden on the family and to protect key employees in a small business.  I am excited to be working with some fantastic individuals in obtaining comprehensive disability policies for my valued clients.

I also continue to have the pleasure of meeting new clients and helping them to understand the Medicare system and various supporting insurance products.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2012 full of laughter, friends, family and peace of mind!!