September is Life Insurance Awareness Month!!  I am sure you are wondering why I am bothering to tell you this.   Life insurance can serve many purposes, and I wanted to make sure that you are aware of its importance.

Paying any final expenses when you pass on is an obvious advantage to your loved ones at a time of grief and loss.   This can include medical expenses, burial expenses, and any debt that you may have.

Life insurance can also be used to support your family and household beyond your life.  The use of life insurance to pay estate taxes, give gifts to non-profit organizations, churches and charities as well as simply leaving a legacy for loved ones is also a common practice.

Life insurance is a critical part of your retirement planning and estate planning.   Life insurance can be a fantastic investment and if used properly,  a way to create tax-free income in your retirement years.

Check out learn more about life insurance and how it might fit into your financial planning.