I went to see a Doctor last week for a minor injury.  In the process of the “getting to know you” phase of our appointment, this Doctor inquired what I did professionally.

When I told him that I was in the insurance business and that I specialized in life and health insurance, he shared his personal experience with me.

He told me that he was lucky when he was younger to have been introduced to life insurance as an investment vehicle for retirement.   He then told me that his life insurance had outperformed all other investments over the past 20 years with the volatile market we have experienced.

I congratulated him on making a great investment.   He also shared with me that he had been sure to purchase life insurance for all of his children to get them started on the same path.

I was floored.

This is a concept that I am often sharing with people and it was so refreshing to hear that this man had made this choice and been thrilled with it for he and his family.