We put together the pieces of your financial future.

Based in Boise, Daniel Insurance Idaho provides you a single stop for your Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Retirement Annuity, and Financial Counseling needs with a specialty in Medicare Insurance. We can help put the pieces together for you. Both in-office and virtual appointments are available.


Elise Ann Daniel, AFC®

Elise Daniel is an independent insurance broker located in Boise, Idaho. Specializing in Medicare, individual, and small group health insurance along with life insurance, annuities, and financial counseling, Elise takes pride in helping people find the best insurance solutions for their individual needs.

Primary Services Offered

Health Insurance

Elise is Exchange certified in Idaho to assist individual and small group consumers find affordable healthcare options. Medicare certified with all Idaho Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans, Elise simplifies the process of finding the right Medicare plan for individuals.

Retirement Annuities

Guaranteed income for life is a great peace of mind factor in retirement and something that annuities can offer you. One of the many advantages annuities offer is that they allow you to save away a larger amount of cash and defer paying taxes. Building your own guaranteed pension plan is a great move toward a fulfilling retirement.

Life Insurance

Regardless of need, life insurance can be used for income replacement in the event of an untimely death, retirement planning for additional tax-free income, estate planning, or leaving a legacy. Elise can help you identify the best life insurance products to fit your needs.

Financial Counseling

Elise Daniel is an Accredited Financial Counselor ® who works to empower individuals and couples to achieve lasting financial well-being through the highest standards of financial counseling, coaching, and education regardless of income or background.