Retirement Planning

As you approach your retirement years, you want to make sure that you are going to have sufficient income to cover your necessary expenses as well as some money to “play” too!!  You have worked hard your entire life for this, so make sure you can enjoy your retirement years.

There are many factors affecting your retirement, and medical expenses and Long Term Care expenses are often the largest expenses that can tip over your apple cart!   On average Social Security income will represent 40% or more of your retirement income.  The remainder comes from your planning in the form of earnings, qualified retirement accounts, or other assets that you have obtained during your active working years.  It is key to position all of your available assets so that they are SAFE and provide income for you during your retirement years.   Asset Allocation should shift dramatically as you near your retirement.

Insurance products including life, long term care, health, and annuities are all critical in retirement planning.   Elise has an incredible team of dedicated professionals behind her to put a complete retirement plan together for you and your family.  If you want help planning your retirement or maybe just another perspective on what you are already planning, schedule a free consultation with Elise.

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