Why look at purchasing an Annuity?

Today annuities can play a critical role in your retirement planning and assure that you leave your money to your beneficiaries when you pass on.  And while Annuities are not right for everyone, these unique investment products can play a critical role in your retirement planning.   One of the biggest advantages that buying a fixed annuity can provide is protection from the savagery of another bear market. Even though the long-term performance of the stock market is very impressive, bear markets do happen, and depending on the timing, they can devastate even the most carefully constructed retirement plan.

Fixed Indexed Annuities are a fantastic tool for participating in the stock market while guaranteeing your money is 100% safe.   Fixed-Indexed Annuities offer advantages over mutual funds in terms of both safety and costs.  Most of these products have no loads, fees, or charges, and they keep your money safe, preventing you from experiencing losses in your retirement savings. Fixed-Indexed annuities are savings vehicles, with guarantees of principal and interest, they are not securities. Fixed-Indexed Annuities allow savers to participate in the positive movement  stock market index, and lock-in annual market gains, but never participate in  losses!

Immediate Annuities can be a great tool for retirees who want to create a steady and predictable income that they cannot outlive.   These products are best suited for individuals that expect to live for a long time and are in good health.

Variable Annuities are another investment tool available that give you, the investor, more control over your investment portfolio.   There is more risk associated with Variable Annuity products, but they do offer some important advantages over regular investment accounts.   They provide a death benefit for your survivors  and they allow you to compound your gains on the account on a tax deferred basis.

Pros and Cons of Annuities